International phone number format for sending SMS text messages

When sending SMS text messages from your Connection Software account on the website, or when using one of our APIs to send messages, you should always use the ITU-T recommended E.164 International Phone Number Format.

The following table gives a few examples of how to convert a local number into the International Phone Number Format:

International Phone Number Formats

The recipient is in Their country code Their local number Their International Phone Number Format
China 86 (10) 69445464 861069445464
France 33 06 87 71 23 45 33687712345
Nigeria 234 080312345 23480312345
United Kingdom 44 07700 954 321 447700954321
United States 1 (954) 555-1234 19545551234
Venezuela 58 (0295) 416,72,16

Numbers that are correctly formatted:

  • start with the country code of the country the message is being sent to
  • only contain the digits 0123456789
  • do not contain spaces or punctuation
  • do not include the international dialling prefix which is often 011 (e.g. in the USA), 00 (e.g. in Europe, South America) but is sometimes 001 (e.g. in Japan) or 009 (in Nigeria) etc.

What happens if I send a message to a local number?

When you submit messages to us that are not in the International Phone Number Format our system will automatically convert the number into the International Phone Number Format for the country your account was registered from.

International Phone Number Format checker

Use the number checker below to convert a local number into the International Phone Number Format.

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