Bulk SMS text messages delivered globally in seconds


Bulk SMS text messages delivered globally in seconds


Reliability, Performance and Support

Connection Software is your gateway to a fast, reliable and global SMS text messaging service. We deliver consistently and rapidly. Our median delay for delivering messages to mobiles in the United States is just 5 seconds. We have a superb range of APIs for SMS application integration, and a sophisticated web-based Message Centre for sending SMS text messages from the web. And our experienced team will provide the rapid technical support you need.

Developer APIs

Developer APIs for SMS application integration

Developers integrating SMS into their applications and services have a fantastic range of APIs to choose from - HTTP and SOAP for web-based services, SMTP for email-based services, and our industry standard, enterprise-grade SMPP and SNPP interfaces.

We also provide great documentation and sample code, as well as convenient utilities like our free test numbers for testing your SMS application integration and performance.

Send SMS text messages online, by email, and more...

You can send bulk SMS text messages from your online account using our sophisticated Web Messenger. Or you can send us Email-to-Text messages from your desktop or web-based email service.

We also have a range of free applications including Mobile Messenger for desktop users, Outlook Mobile Service for Outlook users, and Drop-It for network-based users.

Send messages from web
Message Centre Portal

Message and Account Centre

Every account comes with our online Message and Account centre where you can manage your SMS campaigns and services.

Message Centre includes Contact Manager - our powerful application for sorting, selecting and building lists of contact numbers for your campaigns.

And you can check the status of every single message in real-time with a power search of your Message History or request a report on-demand for offline viewing.

Trusted to deliver mission-critical data

Our SMS text messaging service delivers consistently and rapidly. That's why many of our customers depend on our service to deliver their mission-critical, time-sensitive messages.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is highly competitive for a reliable and global SMS text messaging service. No monthly charges to send SMS - you are just charged per message sent.

Private and Secure

We respect your need for privacy by using high-grade encryption to encrypt your connection to our servers so that your data stays secure.

Technical Support

Our customer support team is also highly technical with the confidence to deal with your enquiry without passing you to the next level of support.

Bulk SMS text messages delivered globally in seconds


Bulk SMS text messages delivered globally in seconds