Binary to Hex Conversion Utility

Hex Converter Desktop Application

Hex Converter is a lightweight, desktop application for converting files to hexadecimal. Simply drag and drop a file and the hexadecimal version will be written to a new file in your current directory.


  • Converts any binary file to hexadecimal (EXE to Hex, PNG to Hex, GIF to Hex, MP3 to Hex, JPEG to Hex, etc.)
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Converts multiple files to hexadecimal at the same time
  • Free developer utilty provided by Connection Software
  • Requires Java 1.8+


Windows     macOS     Linux

Online Hex to Text Converter

Paste your hexadecimal text into the text area below and press the Convert button to convert the hex into Extended ASCII text.

Hex code

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