Two-way SMS services for receiving incoming messages

Add a Two-way SMS service number to your account and start a dialogue with your customers using SMS text messaging. Choose from Virtual Mobile Numbers, Short Code Numbers or let us host your SIM card. We receive the incoming messages on our SMS gateway and then send them to you by email or using one of our Developer APIs.

Virtual Mobile Numbers for low-cost, high-throughput services

These international format mobile numbers are provided by carriers for receiving SMS text messages without the need for a SIM card and modem.

Throughput is typically measured in SMS per second, making them ideal for all types of campaigns and services, particiularly when message volumes are low to medium.

Virtual Mobile Number Services
Virtual Mobile Number Services
Short Code Number Services
Short Code Number Services

Short Code Numbers for high-volume services

These virtual numbers are provided by mobile network operators/carriers but are shorter than standard length international format mobile numbers.

Typically used for product promotions, competitions and other high-volume services. Their limited availability means that Short Code Numbers tend to be more expensive than Virtual Mobile Numbers.

Shared Short Code Numbers (with a Keyword) are available at a lower cost.

Hosted SIMs

Hosted SIMs are a good fall-back for countries where Virtual Mobile Numbers and Short Code Numbers are not available. You provide us with a SIM card that is enabled for roaming and we host it and connect it to our SMS gateway.

Memorable Numbers

Make your Two-way SMS number stand out in your marketing material. Sometimes referred to as Golden or Platinum numbers, these are more memorable numbers such as +44 7867 500 100.

Automatic Opt-out

Users can automatically opt-out when they send the word "STOP" to your Two-way SMS service number. We will send you a daily STOP report. You can import and export opted-out numbers in your Account Centre portal.

Ready to support your Two-way SMS service

Get in touch by telephone, email or chat with us online to discuss Two-way SMS services in your campaign or product area.

Getting started with Two-Way SMS services

You view, change and reconfigure your Two-Way SMS services by logging in to your account and selecting the Two-Way SMS Services option from the Account Centre menu.

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