Send bulk SMS text messages from an Excel spreadsheet

Excel-to-Text lets you prepare your messages offline and then upload your spreadsheet file to send your messages in one go. Your spreadsheet can contain one message to many numbers or different messages to different numbers. You can even set a different sender Id and send time for the individual messages in your file.

Excel-to-Text service highlights

  • Upload a Microsoft Excel format file to send bulk messages
  • Send the same message to many numbers
  • Send different messages to different numbers
  • Set the Originator Address (Sender Id) for your message
  • Schedule the date and time the messages should be sent
  • Use a formula to build the message based on content from other cells
A screenshot of text messages prepared in an Excel spreadsheet
SMS text messages prepared in an Excel spreadsheet

Supported fields

The table below shows the fields that are currently supported for sending bulk SMS text messages using Email-to-Text.

Field Name Type Required Example
mobile Text Yes 447700912345
message Text Yes Your one time password is: X8tcSTzo
originator Text No
send_time Date No 2016-04-02 09:00:00

Additional columns can be added on the right-hand side of the spreadsheet. This enables you to use the data stored in other cells to build the message string using Excel's CONCATENATE function.

Getting started with Excel-to-Text

Simply log into your account and select the Excel-to-Text option from your Message Centre menu. To help you get started, we have provided an example Excel Spreadsheet file that you are welcome to download and use.

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