Send bulk SMS Text Messages using Email-to-Text

The simplicity of Email-to-Text makes it ideal for non-technical users (and developers too) who need a quick and simple way to send bulk SMS text messages using an email application. Simply send an email to our SMS gateway and we will send the content out as a SMS text message.

How the Email-to-Text service works

Simply send an email addressed to <number> to our gateway. We will take the Subject line and Body of the email and send that as a text message to the <number> you specify.

For example, when Joe wants to send a message to Anushka on her mobile number +447700912345, he sends an email to

We receive Joe's email and take the Subject and Body of his email and send that message as a SMS text message to Anushka's mobile number.

A screenshot of an email composed for Email-to-Text

Send messages to groups of numbers using Contacts Manager

With our Email-to-Text service you can also send bulk SMS text messages by specifying a group in your Contacts Manager:

  • Send a message to a specific Group in your Contacts Manager. For example addressing your email to "another.12345::group1" (quotemarks required) would send a message to all the numbers in the group1 group in your Contacts Manager.

  • Alternatively, you can send a bulk SMS text message to all the numbers in your Contacts Manager by just specifying your Contacts Manager name. For example, addressing your email to would send a message to all the numbers in your Contacts Manager.

  • For more advanced features including scheduled delivery consider using one of our Email to SMS APIs instead.

Registering your email addresses for Email-to-Text

You must register the email addresses that you wish to use for the Email-to-Text service. This enables our SMS gateway to ensure that only your registered email addresses are permitted to send SMS text messages through your Connection Software account.

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