Company Profile

Since 1986 Connection Software has been delivering data around the world and a significant part of our business has been focused on SMS text messaging. We have an extensive and integrated offering ranging from a PC application suitable for individual users, through corporate bulk SMS solutions right through to a carrier grade message switch. All our products and services are capable of working in any language, are designed to be re-branded and to be tailored with local content and facilities.

Software Development

Software Development

Through developing, installing and maintaining sophisticated SMS and voice messaging systems, Connection Software has emerged as one of the top software houses in the field of Mobile / Cell Phone Messaging.

Connection Software specialises in moving messages through electronic networks often with protocol conversion. Whilst we provide complete solutions, such as our corporate message switch, we also provide systems that enable otherwise incompatible systems to interoperate, and have delivered such systems in partnership with military and civilian suppliers globally.

Connection Software provides off-the-shelf and individually tailored solutions to meet clients' specific needs. We have a deep understanding of Linux and Microsoft Windows, mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, data communications, relational databases and the Internet protocol suite.

Much of our work has been for large multinational corporations including Motorola, Vodafone, Reuters, Hewlett Packard and British Telecom. We also undertake short-term contracts and develop longer term relationships with specialist providers like PageOne Communications. Our work is international with contracts in Africa, Australia, North and South America, the Middle East, the Far East and Europe.

How We Work

We start by working with our client to develop an agreed specification for the project. The project is then undertaken using a well-defined working methodology. "Total Quality Management" (TQM) is our core driving principle. TQM helps us to:

  • Operate to the very highest confidentiality and security standards
  • Meet time and cost targets
  • Ensure that we work as a team with our clients
Our Staff

Our Staff

The people we choose are very carefully selected. They have to meet four clear requirements before they join Connection Software.

Some are engineers - they have to match, or be better than, the best in the field. We seek only the exceptional in terms of their experience and abilities. Our staff are top programmers familiar with a wide range of languages, protocols, operating systems and methodologies. All have extensive Linux, Windows and MySQL experience. Many have Android and iOS experience.

Some are designers - inherently oriented towards problem analysis and solution. Our aim is always to produce simple readable solutions that work. We encourage creativity in the broadest sense.

Some are client focused, there to provide the best possible client support.

All are team players - both within our organisation and when they are working within client teams. Our programmers operate well in team environments helping clients at all times to achieve their objectives subject only to never compromising the very high professional standards we work to in Connection Software.

Ready to support you

We guarantee you excellent support with a rapid response from our highly technical support team. Get in touch by telephone, email or chat with us online.

Why you should choose Connection Software

Quality of Service
We achieve this by extensive monitoring and dynamic reconfiguration of our routing in response to the inevitable problems that occur when delivering to so many operators worldwide.
Our SMS/MMS gateways are mature, stable and hosted in geographically redundant, secure datacentre facilities.
Direct and indirect routing
We use this to maximise reliability whilst keeping costs under control.
Deposited funds do not expire
Many other suppliers "expire" deposits after 30 days.
No monthly service charge for SMS delivery
We do not charge a monthly fee for SMS delivery.
Retrying of message delivery
We try to deliver each messages for 7 days before abandoning it as undeliverable. This in contrast with many other suppliers who expire messages after just 24 hours.
Real-time delivery status
The delivery status of all messages can be followed in real time on our website or can be provided to you in real time if you wish.
Extensive reporting
We can provide full daily, weekly and/or monthly reports of all the traffic you send and receive free of charge by email in MSExcel format.
Superb developer support
A wide range of APIs, sample code and great technical support is available to your software developers / integrators.
As well as a "global price" tariff we offer highly competitive tariffs for specific countries.
We have a high level of security clearance with a number of international organisations and government departments outside of the UK.

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