Our customers

Connection Software are proud to have served many companies since our inception in 1986 including:

PageOne Communications

We have worked with PageOne Communications since 1991 as they have grown from a small private operation (Inter City Paging), through rapid growth as Mercury Paging and now as a major independent Paging operator - PageOne Communications.

PageOne now use the most sophisticated Glenayre Paging Network Controller coupled with our Timbuktu Message Switch. Thus all their dial-up, leased-line and Internet based customers traffic is accepted and processed by our software before being passed on for transmission.

In addition we developed the software for their EPPA Award Winning NHS Net system as well as many other innovative products.

PageOne's provides mission critical communication services to for example UK Police and Health Services and their continued high satisfaction with our products and our service remains a top priority. We are proud to have helped them grow as rapidly as they have.


We have worked with Reuters over a period of six years. During that time we have provided Reuters with the software libraries that enable them to validate the wide range of financial information passing through their networks. In some instances this includes being able to intelligently correct input errors. These libraries are now an integral part of all Reuters data acquisition software global.

A major Reuters project involving several man years of work has been to develop in-house a new complex client server application that will allow Reuters' customers to link into new Reuters products. This is being rolled out to many hundreds of their customers.

Like much of our work, understandably, the details have to remain confidential.

Given Reuters' very high professional standing and the immense trust that Reuters' clients put into the Reuters information it is clear that our systems have to be totally robust and of the highest standard.


Cognito operate a "cellular computer" communications service, within major multinational companies enabling people on the move to send and receive messages from their own pocket computers. Cognito operate both their own messaging service and offer special systems for companies to link their internal communication systems to the Cognito system. This allows companies to exchange messages with staff in the field. This demands clear interface software, the API, and we produced this for Cognito to pass on to their customers.

These libraries, of course, have to be bug free, very clearly written, easy to interface to, well documented and performing all the functions Cognito customers needed.

Cognito chose us to carry out this highly visible project because our previous work with them has produced such clear, effective and dependable solutions.

Futures Pagers

Futures Pagers offer instantaneous financial information to subscribers who can read it off their own personal pagers. The original system was manual with someone watching screens and then typing data directly into the pagers system.

We worked with Futures Pagers to produce a reliable system which not only replaced staff and eliminated the very stressful situation they were experiencing but introduced a fuller, faster, more accurate way of transferring relevant information to subscribers.

We also provided a secure back up system, at a remote site, and 24 hour 365 day support to ensure that their system would not fail. This was required to meet their customers' new expectations.

As we solved these problems we, in turn, created increased demand for a wider range of services, so allowing Futures Pagers to expand its client base considerably. Futures Pager was subsequently acquired by Reuters who then devolved it.

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