Send SMS text messages from your network applications with Drop-It

Drop-It is our free, lightweight, robust and standards-based Microsoft Windows Service for sending and receiving SMS text messages. Installed to run as a Windows service, Drop-It is designed to help you streamline the integration of our SMS gateway into your own network-based applications and services.

Lightweight, simple and robust network services

Sending messages

To send SMS text messages all you need to do is to write a correctly formatted text file containing your message into the Drop-It Outbox directory. An example outbox file should look something like this:

|447700912345|The message you want to send to send.|

The files do not need to be saved with a specific name, any name will do. Once you drop the file in the Outbox directory, Drop-It will read the file, send all the messages contained in the file, deleting the file when it has finished submitting the messages to our SMS gateway.

Receiving messages

Drop-It can also receive SMS text messages such as replies to messages you would have sent out. To receive replies and incoming SMS messages you will need to purchase one of our Two-way SMS services for receiving messages. Once you have a Two-way SMS service configured for receiving messages, Drop-It will write your incoming messages to a file in it's Inbox directory.

Support for shared directories

You can easily change the Drop-It Inbox and Outbox directories using the configuration utility that comes with the main Drop-It application. You can locate either or both of those directories on a shared network drive so that anyone who can access the shared directory can also send or receive SMS text messages. This is ideal when a group of applications need to send SMS text messages.

Support for multiple user accounts

Drop-It supports sending and receiving using up to four different accounts simultaneously. Each account will have its own Inbox and Outbox that runs independently of the others.


Drop-It supports Unicode character encoding which means that you can use it to send messages in any language. Drop-It also supports Concatenated SMS, enabling you to send messages exceeding the standard 160 character length.

Drop-It can be installed on Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (including SP2). See the Drop-It User Guide for more product details.

Getting started with Drop-It

In order to send and receive messages using Drop-It, you will need to sign-up for an account and purchase message credits. You can then download the latest version of Drop-It free-of-charge.

Bulk SMS text messages delivered globally in seconds


Bulk SMS text messages delivered globally in seconds


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